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High Speed Paper Cup Machine
high speed cup machine

The HPM-100 high speed paper cup machinery can finish paper cup formation with only one turn plate. The machine is designed based on our traditional double-turn plate type paper cup forming machine. HPM-100 series newly-designed paper cup making machine optimizes its program structure and permits every self-determining functional-system to operate efficiently. Thus we can significantly trim down machine-wear caused by machine's inertial progress. By adopting photoelectric failure-detection method, our paper cup machine's constant performance is guaranteed, thus offering a high momentum and steady operation. This core speed paper cup forming machine will auto-stop working when there is a failure. Thus it can greatly get better operation safety standard and assist decrease labor force and it simplifies paper cup shaping process. By adopting only one revolve plate, this machine can finish paper feeding, cup-bottom feeding, heating, knurling, cup-mouth curling, cup-collecting, etc. at one stop.


1. The machine is designed with drum-type cam indexing and positioning, which offers high precision indexing and positioning as a result of its superior inertia-resistance capability.

2. Automatic conduction parts use gear of longitudinal axis to ensure eternalness of exploit and machine solidity, to prevent machine crashes.

3. Photoelectric failure-detecting method is available. PLC control system designed for the entire cup forming process. Servo power to send bottom paper of cup, deliver bottom when cup tube come, or else no bottom delivery.

4. Branded Imported heating appliance is equipped on cup body and bottom adhesion step .Cup-bottoms are heated at first before they are fed, thus improving heating achieve and helping assurance knurling quality.

5. Machine use box type formation plan, filling the oil by spray lubrication makeup, to make machine running fast.

Technical Data

Model HPM-100
Paper cup size 3-12 oz
Paper Thickness 180-350gsm
Raw material Single/Double PE coated Paper
Capacity 70-90pcs/min.
Air source(double PE) 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 0.3m3/min
Power source 380V / 50HZ ( it can be changed if customer require)
Total power 18KW
Weight 2000kg
Overall dimensions 2500×1400×1900mm