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Flexographic Printing Machine
Six Colour Printing Machine

PPM-650/850 automatic flexographic printing machine is equipped with a ceramic anilox roller for consistent ink transferring. Also, it is equipped with a magnetic powder brake and clutch for rewinding and unwinding tension power. An elective Mitsubishi tension controller is also available.

Each printing unit is changeable by 360 degrees so as to guarantee precision registration. In the interim, each of the printing components is equipped with an IR dryer to ensure quick drying of printing materials.

When the printing machine stops working, the rubber ink roller will automatically break away from the equipment, and keeps running at a low speed so as to pass up ink drying.

The flexographic printer is equipped with an imported step less changeable regularity motor.

The machine is able to conclude paper feeding, printing, IR drying, and rewinding at a knock. So, it is ideal for use in printing factories to print commercial paper, paper cup, paper plate, non-woven bag, paper bowls and more.

Standard Configuration:

1. One sheet mounting machine

2. One anilox roller for each group

3. Three sets printing rollers for each group

4. Unwinding tension controller (Mitsubishi Japan)

5. Cheap operating cost and low investment.

6. Rewinding tension controller

7. We offer 1 year warranty for our PPM-650/850 model paper bowl machine.

Technical Data

Model PPM - 650 PPM - 850
Printig Speed 60m/min 60m/min
Printing color 5 colors 5 colors
Max. web width 660mm 860mm
Max. printing width 650mm 850mm
Max. unwinding diameter 1400mm 1400mm
Max. rewinding diameter 1400mm 1400mm
Printing girth 175-380mm or 250-580mm 175-380mm or 250-580mm
Precision of registration ±0.15mm ±0.15mm
Weight about 5000kg about 6000kg
Overall dimensions 4000L*1700W*2600H(mm) 4000L*1900W*2700H(mm)