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Roll Die Punching Machine
Roll Die Punching Machine

Roll paper punching and die cutting machine adopts micro-computer to manage the speed. Servo motor is feed the paper and use the photo sensor to cut and gather blanks at a high level speed. It can die cutting by setting certain length subsequent color marks. Compared with the traditional Hydraulic machine, it is much more efficient, time-saving, material-saving, and much more profitable


1. High potency due to whole body casting with high quality material.

2. Smooth running, high pressure and low noise

3. Adopted advanced MCU control technology has sensitive and reliable performances, trouble-free operation.

4. Electrical equipment form completes a set, and major mechanical components with high quality equipment and materials.

5. Operational altitude is reasonably prearranged; moving-bed opens to its upper limit.

6. Electrical system is designed in compliance with IEC standard.

7. Trustworthy safety system.

8. We offer 1 year guarantee for our RPD-850 model roll paper die punching and creasing machine.

Technical Data

Model RPD - 850
Die Cutting Speed 120-180 cut/per/mim.
Die-cutting tools size 850x280mm
Positional accuracy 0.1mm
Rewind biggest diameter 1200mm
Max webwidth 900mm
Total Power 5.5kw (380V)
Weight about 1650kg
Overall dimensions 2400x1350x1800mm