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Double Wall Paper Cup Machine
double wall cup machine

The JBZ-S Double coated Paper cups machine is designed to manufacture single-side/double-side film-coated paper cup. The produced paper cups can hold beverage drinks and ice cream at more than 5 hours without leakage. Prepared with a extraordinary multi-working station, this JBZ-S12 paper cups machine can act ahead automatic paper feeding, Ultrasonic wave sealing, oiling, bottom punching, knurling, curling and cup ejection.


1. It is an intellectualization machine, simple to operate by solo person. It has the whole making line method from paper fan to finished paper cup.

2. It adopt the finest higher technology and equipments for the long steady performance

3. It used heavy duty index divided box, has the extended life usage than normal machine

4. It have separate control panel and 1.5kw speed controller, can control the speed by machinist easily

5. Photo electricity tracking, Ultrasonic device ,automatic failure alarm, inspecting compose the production more competent.

6. Stainless steel or and the metal steel body, make the machine in good profile.

7. We offer 1 year warranty for our JBZ-S12 paper cups machine.

Technical Data

Model JBZ - S12
Paper Cup Size 3--12oz, height up to 125 mm (mold exchangeable)
Paper thickness 135gsm--320 gsm (Recommend 170--280 gsm - double PE coated)
Sealing Type Ultrasonic wave
Speed Capacity 40-50 pcs/min.
Power source 220V/380V, 50HZ (it can be changed if customer require)
Total power 4.8KW
Weight 1500kg
Overall dimensions 2700×1200×1600mm