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Paper Die Cutting Machine
Paper Die Cutting machine

PYQ203 Paper die punching machine is a extraordinary equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard, corrugated paper, plastic and leather in all-purpose, related to printing packaging decoration, plastic and paper cup industries, The die cutting machine is differentiated by solid structure, well workmanship, big mass, high correctness and simple and reliable procedure, etc.


1. High power due to single piece casting by using top quality materials for machine body, Smooth running, big force and little sound are obviously remarked as 3-step helical gear mechanism is adopted.

2. Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive reliable

3. Operational altitude is reasonably arranged, Moving-bed opted to its optimum.

4. Electrical system is designed in conformity with IEC standard. Safety system is really reliable.

5. Cheap operating cost and low investment.

6. We offer 1 year guarantee for our PYQ-203 model paper die punching machine.

Technical Data

Model PYQ - 401C PYQ - 203
Inner chase size 675*485mm 930*660mm
Punching speed 25 23+3Strokes/min
Max. length 15m 325m
Power 2.2kw 4 kw
Weight about 2000kg about 3000kg
Overall dimensions 1500*1350*1150mm 1720*1530*1620mm