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Paper Bowl Machine
Paper Bowl machine

Our ZB-100 paper bowls machine is developed and manufactured based on the latest Korean paper bowls machine. It is a supreme device for making bowls with giant capacity and a wide jaw, such as an instant noodle bowl. The main functions of this bowl machine are automatic paper feeding, preheating and subsequent bottom heating, sealing, oil silicon lubrication, bottom punching, knurling, bowl discharge, etc. It can carry out photocell monitoring and breakdown alarm.


1. Paper bowl wall side sealing by ultrasonic waves, unproblematic to operate by single person. It has the full production procession method from paper fan to finished paper cup.

2. It espouse the best constantly technology and equipments for the longer secure performance

3. It used heavy-duty divided gear box, has the long life usage than normal machine

4. The machine has in-build control panel and effortless maintenance with minimum cost

5. Cheap operating cost and stumpy investment.

6. Stainless steel or and the metal steel body, formulate the machine in good character.

7. We offer 1 year warranty for our ZB-100 model paper bowl machine.

Technical Data

Model ZB - 100
Paper Bowl Size 1000ml,900ml,750ml,600ml,500ml,360ml,300ml etc. (mold exchangeable)
Paper Thickness 135gsm--320 gsm (Recommend 170--280 gsm - double PE coated)
Sealing Type Ultrasonic wave
Speed Capacity 30-35 pcs/min.
Power source 380V, 50HZ
Total power 13 KW
Weight 2300kg
Overall dimensions 3150×1580×1850mm